for the fully aware human that realizes their fluctuating nothingness, and submit themselves to an illusion of meaning consciously.

ingredients: oolong tea, rosehips, rose petals, peppermint, orange peel, anise seeds, star anise and granulated ginger.


for the liberated human that finds freedom in feeling responsible for their actions and accepting the consequences of their choices.

ingredients: green tea, lavender flowers, hop flowers, cinnamon chips, cloves, stevia herb and granulated ginger


for the present human that understands their inability to look beyond this very minute, and the futile neurosis of staying in the past.

ingredients: honeybush leaves and stems, wild cherry bark, cardamom seeds, calendula flowers, honey granules and granulated ginger


for the jaded human that doesn’t give a shit about the existential gibber gabber and just needs a fucking rest, goddamit.

ingredients: chamomile flowers, chopped lemon peel, lavender flowers, rosemary leaves, chopped licorice root and granulated ginger