The Teasturbed

are you always rushing from one task to another? buried in responsibilities from dawn till dusk with no real human interaction? never living in the present in a constant motion towards the next moment?


for the fully aware human that realizes their fluctuating nothingness, and submit themselves to an illusion of meaning consciously.


for the liberated human that finds freedom in feeling responsible for their actions and accepting the consequences of their choices.


for the present human that understands their inability to look beyond this very minute, and the futile neurosis of staying in the past.

Better to die drinking tea than to live in thirst.



by Salome MC

I never thought one day I’ll write an “about” section for a website. My artist page is minimalistic and has no biography of any sort. At my job’s website, I exist in the team member page with a pseudonym. I have a non-profit video production endeavor that just runs with word of mouth and I didn’t bother making a website for. Therefore, when I jumped the gun to make the Teasturbed project a reality, I knew one of the hardest parts would be writing these very words. I’m serious.


just kidding. neither I want to send a polished marketing email to make you buy my tea, neither you want to see that shit. you’ll remember to come back here when you face the empty canister. in the meantime, join The Teasturbed and be a part of a community instead.