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no purchase is necessary to be a part of the Teasturbed community.
purchase what?

Step 1

fill the form below to receive your personal Teasturbed Adage in your email. Teasturbed Adages are altered versions of existing quotes, verses and proverbs made into a tea/tisane themed, humorous aphorisms. each adage is assigned its own number(in roman numerals for no reason whatsoever), and is unique to the person submitting the form. a member of the Teasturbed community will go through your answers and create your adage, so nothing is automated. if you want to purchase Teasturbed blends, wait for your adage to arrive in your email first. this way you’ll guarantee that it’ll be handwritten on your canister by Teasturbed founder and artist Salome MC (it’s me, hi!), making it into a unique piece of merchandise. 

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Step 2

once you receive your adage, you will have the key to join our secret society!

kidding, it’s just a facebook group. maybe eventually it’ll be something else. you will receive the link along with your adage. once you’re in, you will be a member of the Teasturbed, a community of tea-loving people who try to add little moments of generosity and presence to their busy day to day lives.

Teapot with tea on bright background

Step 3

as a member of the Teasturbed, you will commit to teasturbing your busy day; taking a break from all the never ending tasks, even for five minutes, and brew a cup or pot of tea or tisane. you will commit to present your brew in a pleasant way, take a picture or two, and share with the Teasturbed family a few times a week. you will look for new herbs, leaves and seeds, be it in your local marketplace or an obscure online shop, experiment on your own blends and exchange recipes with the other members. you will enjoy these simple pleasures while really present, and you will feel safe enough to share and unburden yourself from whatever shit’s you’re dealing with at the moment. Teasturbed community is generous and discreet. did I mention that profanity is allowed?

any tea/tisane you make to Teasturb your day, is a Teasturbed brew and it doesn’t have to be one of the official Teasturbed blends to be considered so.