Teasturbed Bags


drawstring teabags made of biodegradable corn fiber.

included in each package are 20 drawstring Teasturbed bags, each 6×8 cm which is a pretty standard size for a teabag. just put an intuitive amount of tea in it and pull the strings. the manufacturer said not to this, but I dry and reuse them; it totally works. my recommendation is to keep reusing until they fall apart, unless you’re grossed out and screaming in terror right now.

nice companion to your Teasturbed blends, I don't ship these alone. you can buy generic teabags for a bit cheaper online or your local tea store and it will get the job done too. you don’t need the fancy teasturbed logo dangling from your teacup. or maybe you do. I do. who do? woodoo.

if you do end up getting other teabags, make sure they are made of sustainable materials. think of the children. and the environment, and bu that I mean the specific environment with conditions suitable for the human species sustained existence. because the earth itself will survive the constant littering but the future generations of humans won't. be fucking selfish and think of the environment, will you? use a stainless steel infuser for the most environment-friendly option.

Additional information

Weight 0.0125 kg
Dimensions 6 × 4 cm