Price of Freedom


for the liberated human that finds freedom in feeling responsible for their actions and accepting the consequences of their choices.

ingredients: green tea, lavender flowers, hop flowers, cinnamon chips, cloves, stevia herb and granulated ginger

directions: depending on how intense you like your green tea, steep for 1-3 minutes in boiled and then cooled water, to somewhere between 70-80 ℃. how would you measure? well you can have one of those fancy kettles that brings water to the right temperature for various tea/tisanes. or, just wing it.

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the chinese dragonwell green tea leaves in this blend are rolled and pan-fired to dry, resulting in a sweet, mellow taste. the punch of european hop flowers and ginger balances perfectly with the sweetness of paraguay-grown stevia herb. add the aromatic charachter of lavender, cinnamon and cloves, and you got yourself a great caffeine source that does not taste like shit. in fact, it tastes amazing.

shipping could take up to five business days from the day of the order, since each canister is custom-made for you by a mom of a toddler who has a part-time day job as a video producer, teaches weekly afterschool music programs and also tries to release music into this world in semi-regular intervals.

each Teasturbed blend comes in a sealed plastic bag placed inside the canister. open the bag (duh) and pour the blend in. shake it well before each usage so all the ingredients are distributed evenly, unless you like being on your toes about the surprising flavors of an uneven blend. I don’t. I like predictable and routine.

make your Teasturbed blend a gift by mentioning who it is from and who is it for in the notes when you’re ordering.

but I don’t want to brew a whole pot, you say? no problem. get a stainless-steel tea infuser which is the most environment-friendly option! no, I don't have those yet, although I do plan on curating my favorite utensils here at some point. but if you like staying on theme, I do have biodegradable corn fiber teabags so you can have the Teasturbed logo dangling on the side of your cup.

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well, nothing is really free. I just integrated the average cost of shipping in the price to create the illusion of a good deal that the so-called "free shipping" creates. but if you really think about it, free-shipping could actually be a worse deal for the buyer, because you are paying for the “average” shipping cost, while your actual shipping cost could be lower. so yeah, nothing is really free. but we could and should have a single payer healthcare, and can very much afford it if we wage less wars. on a side-note, automation is here to stay, so stop trying to save dead-end jobs and put the energy into UI instead. and make tea, not war.

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